Writer, Director, Editor – Annabel Allison

Annabel Allison has had a successful return to narrative film making.  This short film ‘Letterbox’ won 8 awards and had 6 nominations at international film festivals, finding an audience in 8 countries.

She is currently Creative Director here at Wax Films outside of which she writing feature length screenplays.
Annabel began her career as a film editor based in Ealing Studios, working on shorts, documentaries and music videos.  She then went to work for James Le Bonn’s production company Love Films, making pop promos for household names and emerging West London hip hop artists.  After spending some time in India shooting and editing documentaries she returned to the UK to work in comedy directing and editing Billy Connolly’s ‘2 night stand’ and making music videos.  She took some time out to raise children and returned to film with a successful 9 part online series for Wildlife Watch presented by Nick Baker.

“I like to make films that push together people from completely different backgrounds. I am interested in what makes us similar amid these superficial differences, and where the nature of hate is challenged by deep humanity. I want to challenge peoples perceptions. At the time of filming the niqab was being banned in France and just to walk around a big hedonistic festival with a woman in a niqab was an education and reward enough. What I really like about our film is that by the time you are on Imani’s side, you cease to see the niqab. Other aspects of her character just take over. The main message is that underneath every headscarf, niqab or mouse mask is a real person. ’ 

Writer, Producer, Actor, Singer Songwriter – Yasmin Khan-Cheema

Yasmin is a British Muslim born in Liverpool and brought up in West Yorkshire. Her cultural insights and experience of working in the Media and Music industry are buried deep within the story of Imani. She is a mother of two (who play Imani and her brother in the film). Yasmin has also written and sung two of the tracks in the score.

“Seeing something so personal and precious finally come to life, after years of attempts to get the project off the ground has been a cathartic experience for us. Imani represents any one of us who make a break to follow their hearts, but are firstly forced to uncover the many masks under which we blanket ourselves.”

DOP – Luke Flegg

Luke juggles his cinematography aspirations (Rocky’s Bike, The Indfidel) with his ambitious education reform project ChangeTheFuture.Living in Brighton and also running a social interest video production company, Luke seeks out new challenges in film making and working with young people.

“Nothing excites me more than turning ideas and stories into pictures… Working on Letterbox was a whirlwind adventure and amazing learning experience; working in challenging but exciting environments with so few resources really brought us together. The 5 block shoot is finally over, but a friendship born through film making has just begun!”

Sound Man – Charlie Shread

Charlie was drawn to filmmaking at an early age, seeing it as a beautiful medium to share experiences, which play an important role in shifting society’s consciousness. He is the co-founder of ChangeTheFuture with Luke.

“Letterbox is a great story that has the potential to touch the hearts of many. I absolutely loved working on this film and working with beautiful people who know how to play and express themselves creatively; a raw fun that is not seen often enough in the film industry.”